About me

Husband, father of two, engineer, and aspiring CrossFit athlete. That last bit is a stretch: Calling myself an "athlete." I pay money and go to a gym on the regular. I run this site to hosts all of my writing on two areas that I think I can help you with: lean six sigma and productivity.

I have a passion for teaching and think that I can do so with this website. I'll post articles to help you with process improvement projects, studying for a certificate in Lean Six Sigma, and productivity tips if you're looking for self-improvement. I'll also post book reviews and create different resources to help you the process improver or self-improver.

What I believe

I believe we all have something to contribute in this world. Some of us are great leaders and can get those around us to do extraordinary things with their lives. Some of us are great thinkers and create the ideas that change the world. And some of us are great doers perfecting our craft in the hopes of making the world a better place. Whatever we work at, we all have something to contribute.

Why I write

In my work life, I've led, thought, and done. It's up to those that have been around me to decide if I was great at any of those things, but I think I've done a fair enough job. One thing that I haven't done well is share that work with the world and so here I am. I believe writing helps in clarifying thoughts; and in doing so, this makes us a better leader, thinker or doer.

What I hope

My hope is that you find the articles, book reviews, and digital resources on this blog interesting and, better yet, useful. I hope that my work makes some aspect of your life easier, better, or more efficient. Happy reading!

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