VSM Kick-off Slides

Getting ready to lead a value stream mapping event?

Use these slides as a template to guide you through the kick-off meeting. Free to use and distribute as needed.

White Paper Template

An example white paper on value stream mapping to help communicate the who, what, why, and when of VSM. I've used the same format for each VSM event I've led.

Process Improvement Framework Guide

A handy guide for choosing the right process improvement tool according to the phase of problem solving your team is in.

Coming Soon!

Statistics e-Book for Greenbelts

Worried about the statistics portion for the Greenbelt exam? It's actually not that bad and this e-book will help you get through it.

Coming Soon!

Selecting Improvement Projects

Don't let the loudest voice in the room choose the projects for the team. This download has a few methods you can use to guide your team to choosing the most impactful projects.

Coming Soon!