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5S and Relationships: Sort

This blog post highlights the first S of "sort" in the 5S framework as applied to relationships at work and in our personal lives. I break down how to lean thinkers in the construction industry, Jesse Hernandez and Jennifer Lacy, employ the sort step to better their relationships with the people they love and work with.

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Hell Yeah or No

How do you know if something is worth your time, energy, or attention? Unless it's a "Hell Yeah" kind of opportunity, say no to it, and work on the things that really excite you.

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5S and Relationships

I've teamed up with Jen Lacy and Jesse Hernandez who are hosts on a YouTube web seminar series on the 5S's and relationships. This post introduces their work, the concept of the 5S's, and links to their videos. If you're a Lean thinker and a true continuous improver, then you're going to enjoy this post and really love Jen and Jesse's work on 5S and relationships.

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Control Chart Applications for Non-Manufacturing Processes

If you are applying statistical process control to a non-manufacturing process, this is the post for you! This article is a short primer on the topic with loads of examples of using control charts in service, administrative, or government processes.

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The PICK Chart: A Simple Tool for Prioritizing Improvement Projects

A PICK chart is a simple, implementable tool for prioritizing projects based on difficulty and pay-off. This short post describes the tool and gives actionable tips for implementing it at your next process improvement event.

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