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Control Chart Applications for Non-Manufacturing Processes

If you are applying statistical process control to a non-manufacturing process, this is the post for you! This article is a short primer on the topic with loads of examples of using control charts in service, administrative, or government processes.

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The PICK Chart: A Simple Tool for Prioritizing Improvement Projects

A PICK chart is a simple, implementable tool for prioritizing projects based on difficulty and pay-off. This short post describes the tool and gives actionable tips for implementing it at your next process improvement event.

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Two Brainstorming Techniques for Writing

This blog post shares two techniques I've used in the past to get thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Mindmapping and freewriting are two different styles of brainstorming methods and are explained in detail for this week's blog post.

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What I've So Far Learned with Deep Work by Cal Newport

Like Tim Ferriss's book The Four-Hour Work Week, I should have picked up Cal Newport's Deep Work book years ago. Although I'm only part-way through reading Deep Work, this post is about two major concepts in the book: shallow work vs. deep work and the four kinds of deep work.

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Video: 5 Lessons on Value Stream Mapping

I had the opportunity to speak at my first webinar to the Colorado Chapter of APICS, a supply and operations management professional organization. I was excited to give it and now I share it with you in this blog post.

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